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I spoke at the 'Seaweed Packaging' event (Paris)!

On Thursday the 1st of June, 2023 I was given the opportunity to speak at the Seaweed Packaging event in Paris!

The event was timed to coincide with the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations (INC-2), which were going on in the UNESCO building nearby. It was organised by the Global Seaweed Coalition, in partnership with UNEP, and it’s goal was to inform decision makers about the possibility of using seaweed as an alternative to plastic. Some of the benefits that the seaweed industry creates was also discussed, ahead of the finalisation of the Global Plastics Treaty in 2024.

Over the course of two hours, the room was filled with speeches, a presentation by Pierre Paslier, co-founder of Earthshot prize winner- Notpla, and a panel featuring the founders of some of the world’s leading seaweed plastic companies, including Flex Sea, B’ZEOS, Eranova and Ocean Purpose Project from Singapore.

The pannel discussion

I was able to to bring the youth’s voice to the event, with my brief intro speech. I spoke about how terrifying plastic pollution is and why it’s important that technologies like seaweed plastics are embraced during the transition to a waste free world.

One thing that was great about the event was that different people, from companies that could be considered competitors, were all up on the same stage and working towards the same common goal that day. To raise awareness of the wonders of seaweed as an alternative to plastic.

This sector is still very much in its early days, and at this point, there is room for everyone. By working together towards a greater public awareness of this solution, they will all benefit immensely, and so will our planet.

The group photo of. everyone who spoke!

Again, thank you so much to the Global Seaweed Coalition for inviting me to be a part in this event.

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