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These are the videos that I have created about the seaweed sector. They are all edited by my brother, Ashton and are either on the: Hidden Plastic or new Super Seaweed Youtube channel. They are each about some of seaweed's many uses, such as in food and as a plastic replacement. Stay tuned for the series of Interviews from the 1st EU Algae Awareness Summit: ‘Heroes of Algae’  where a new video will be released every other week…

Video 8

Heroes of Algae, episode 5: Armand Tessier

For the 5th episode of the 'Heroes of Algae' series, Armand Tessier from Farraige, tells us about how he and his partner are using seaweed to create artworks, through pressing it on paper!

Video 7

Heroes of Algae, episode 4: Lisa Boulton

In this 4th episode of the ‘Heroes of Algae’ series, Lisa Boulton talks us about her work at Nestlé and how they are using seaweed in their products, in pet care and beyond. She also tells us about some of seaweeds use cases, such as for use in agriculture!

Video 6

Heroes of Algae, episode 3: Pierre Paslier

For the 3rd episode of the ‘Heroes of Algae’ series, Pierre Paslier, co-founder of the Earthshot prise winning Notpla, tells us about Notpla's work in using seaweed as a sustainable alternative to plastic! 

Video 5

Heroes of Algae, episode 2: Dr. Flower Msuya

In the second episode of the ‘ Heroes of Algae’ series, we hear from Dr. Flower Msuya, about her remarkable work in Zanzibar, a small is island which largely because of her, is now one of the worlds biggest producers of seaweed!

Video 4

Heroes of Algae, episode 1: Vincent Doumeizel

This is the first episode of the ‘Heroes Of Algae’ series, filmed during the 1st EU Algae Awareness Summit in October 2023. In this episode, we hear from Vincent Doumeizel about why seaweed can play an important role in stopping many of the worlds problems!

Video 3

My Seaweed Packaging Event talk

This video shows the short talk that I gave about seaweed and it's role in stopping the plastic problem. It was at the Seaweed Packaging event in Paris during the Global Plastics Treaty, and was followed by some very inspiring talks and pannels from some of the world's leading seaweed-plastic startups!

Video 2

Câr y Mor part 2: Tara

In Câr y Môr par 2, Tara tells us about her work in desighning Câr y Môr's products, and some of the health and environmental benefits of using seaweed in cooking.

Video 1

Câr y Mor part 1: Ella

In this Video, Ella, from Wales's Car y Mor seaweed farm talks about how they grow seaweed and the farms impact on the water around the farm, and the local community.

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